Welcome and congratulations on finding the best way to play and teach the game of tennis. You’ll see in this video how the other tennis websites either “dumb down” the game so much that its worthless (as in the case of FYB) or try to confuse you with tennis jargon, such as “kinetic chain”, “angular momentum” and "windshield wiper follow through.” These methods don’t work - but you already know that, which is why you’re here.


The Infinity Tennis System is the only patented operating tennis system that works to help you develop the pure and effortless strokes of today’s top players. Through easy to understand mathematical concepts we bring you an actual “system” as opposed to all of the random “tips and drills.” Ours is a step by step method that is guaranteed (with the 8-Board training aid) to dramatically transform your game in the shortest period of time, regardless of how much time you spend on the court.


Unlike FYB, Essential Tennis and John Yandell, Jack has actually developed and coached top players from the Juniors to the pros such as Sam Querrey, Steve Johnson, Steve Forman, Eric Riley and Warren Wood just to name a few. Other sites preach strategy and fitness but the problem is all the strategy in the world won’t have the impact of a better game. Stop getting fleeced by charlatans repackaging “tips and drills” that don’t change the essence of your game and don’t help you or your child win.


Watch this video and get to Know Jack about tennis...