Why Women Can’t Serve… (except Serena)

Why Women Can’t Serve…

…except for one woman.

Boys are taught by their coaches and dads, that the tennis serve is like “throwing a ball”. But for  some crazy, inexplicable reason, girls are taught “down (with your arms) together, up together and hit!” Next they’re told to “bend your knees after you toss, and then push up into the hit.” Seriously? Does that sound like throwing a ball? Throwing a ball has everything to do with the proper coil, fluid hip rotation and precise release point. Watch here how flawed service motions of Wozniaki, Cibulkova and others keep this, the single worst stroke on the women’s tour today. And remember no amount of fitness or mental toughness can overcome a flawed stroke, especially since any extra torque on a player’s body only weakens that player physically with constant repetition.