Science behind world-class strokes

Jack’s patented 8-Board and his Infinity Tennis System revolutionize the attainment of complex athletic abilities and propels one onto the fast-track of uncommon skills acquisition. Through the geometry of curves, spirals and infinity called “projective geometry” all of the best strokes can now be seen, understood and learned by anyone. Fluid, natural and efficient strokes can be attained and ingrained in you.

Frustrated with your game? Don’t feel like you are improving?
Losing to players you should be beating?
Wish you could play with the grace of the pros?

The Infinity School of Tennis will radically increase the speed at which you progress as a complete tennis athlete.

Jack Broudy’s Infinity School of Tennis brings you the Infinity Tennis System™ – finally, a true “tennis operating system” that works, for everyone. This comprehensive system addresses the core unifying fundamentals of all tennis strokes in a unique way, allowing you to quickly and easily push your game to the next level.

With a logical step by step approach, the Infinity Tennis System builds a holistic understanding of the optimal bio-mechanical fundamentals of the best, most effortless strokes in the game today. Our online school provides a set of tools and drills that allows students at every level to quickly implement the exact feeling of these movements in ball striking, timing, anticipation and on court movement.