Stop spending time and money on lessons, workouts and online phonies (who don’t even play the game) trying to improve your tennis. Read this book now and stop the confusion.  I'm giving this to you for free download. This one-hour read will change the way you play and think about the game forever. Stop being duped by the tennis industry and begin to know Jack about the game.

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Welcome and congratulations on finding the best way to play and teach the game of tennis with your free copy of Jack Broudy's book, Secrets of The Natural Athlete. Juniors and their parents trying to get into tournament tennis are completely misled by the "tennis elite” including commentators, tennis pros and online websites, preaching random "tips and drills.” The standard answer from teaching pros is always rote, mindless repetition.


The Infinity Tennis System introduced in this book is the only patented operating system that leads any player to the pure and effortless strokes of the best players in the world. Through easy to understand mathematical concepts we bring you an actual “system” as opposed to all of the random “tips and drills” offered by everyone else. Ours is a step by step method that is guaranteed (with the 8-Board training aid) to dramatically transform your game in the shortest period of time, regardless of how much time you spend on the court.


Jack Broudy, unlike all of the imposters, has actually developed and coached top players and coaches such as USC’s Peter Smith, Emilio Sanchez, Sam Querrey, Steve Johnson, Steve Forman, Eric Riley, Abbigail Spears and Warren Wood just to name a few. Stop being duped and fleeced by the tennis “experts” just out to make a buck. They are either ex-players who have never coached anyone or just internet marketers who have found the tennis niche - repackaging “tips and drills”. As you’ve already learned these alternatives don't help you, your students or your child enjoy the game. End the confusion about playing tennis at the highest level.


Take an hour and read this book. Know Jack about tennis.