Steve Johnson Sr, Steve Johnson, Mike Forman, Steve Forman, Coach Jack Broudy, San Antonio, TX National Hardcourt Winners - 8-Board played a big role in winning Singles and Doubles

Steve Johnson Sr, Steve Johnson, Mike Forman, Steve Forman, Coach Jack Broudy, San Antonio, TX National Hardcourt Winners - 8-Board played a big role in winning Singles and Doubles

"I learned more talking to Jack for forty minutes than in an entire week of a USTA high performance workshop... Jack is the only coach, other than myself that I let work with Stevie." -Steve Johnson Sr, 2005, San Clemente, CA

"The 8-Board is the best tennis training device I've ever seen!" - Nick Bolletierri

Jeff Salzenstein
President, JRS Sports, LLC


“My brother Bob and I have known the fluid strokes and the feeling of being “connected” in the game of tennis for much of our lives. It’s great to know the science behind this feeling, so as to use this knowledge to play even better. His revolutionary system and various training devices, including the 8-Board, can help every player feel the natural strokes. I also like it because it helps me loosen up my hips and entire body, before and after I play.”

Mike Bryan

"Jack, you have the best take on tennis that I've ever heard." - Mike Querrey, Sam's dad, 2004 Easter Bowl, Palm Springs, CA

I have personally trained and coached over a hundred sectional and national-ranked juniors, three national champions and top 20 ATP professional Sam Querrey. I have heard it all from all the so-called “experts” in tennis, USPTA and USTA alike. I have used the principles in the Infinity Tennis System for most of my career, and believe me NO ONE has been able to break down the inner workings of the effortless, nonlinear game better than Jack.

My year-round tennis academy in Encino, California uses the Infinity System as the backbone of our daily teaching curriculum and our results are mind-blowing.

You won’t hear hack clichés like “unit turn, load and explode, move your feet” or “racket back early.” Rather, you learn what’s really going on with the strokes, anticipation and court mobility in today’s world of nonlinear and effortless style of play. You will immediately gain more confidence and a better understanding of what is going on at the highest level of the game.


Tim Schnaible, Coach of Sam Querrey
Match Tough Tennis Academy, Encino, CA

I have a very large summer staff (25+ instructors) and I take the instructors through Jack’s System. There is no doubt the System works! You can see it in the hundreds of kids in our program, playing effortless, graceful nonlinear tennis! We also have a few state championships to back that up.”

Todd Dissly, Director of Tennis
High School Coach of the Year, Los Gatos, CA


Jack Broudy is one of those rare people that takes a fresh look at old dogma and discovers a deeper truth. Jack has taken the tennis strokes and made sense of what is truly occurring in that whirl of activity, focusing on a few fundamentals of sound physical principals. As an Applied and Clinical Kinesologist I appreciate the simplicity and safety of his methods. Done properly it is hard for the tennis player to injure themselves and they truly use the core of the body that they have worked so hard to develop yet not known how apply in the strokes on the court. The results are graceful, repeatable and powerful tennis shots that are joy to watch a and hit! Thanks to Jack for his insights and dedication to tennis truth.

Andrew W. Specht BS, JD, DC

To All Players Out There,
I learned to play tennis in the ’70′s and am a 5.5 player. I have struggled for years with the modern game and trying to hit good topspin off either wing. After 15 minutes of my first lesson with Jack Broudy on the 8 Board I was hitting topspin effortlessly and with power. I have been using the 8 Board and the Infinity Tennis System daily now and am more consistent and hit with more topspin, power and feel. I’m in love with tennis again. This is the best system for players at any level of the game and I truly believe that if you want to learn properly or improve your game, the Infinity Tennis System is the only way to go.

Keith S. Wilkinson
5.5 Tournament Player